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Computer Laptop and Macbook Upgrades: Seattle Laptop upgrades computers, laptops, iMacs, and Macbooks. Our prices beat most competitors and we carry most upgrade memory, and hard drives, including ssd hard drives in stock at all times.

Hard Drive Cloning: One of the most common upgrades Seattle Laptop performs is a SSD Hard Drive Upgrade. We can take the hard drive from you machine, and clone it to a brand new SSD and everything will be exactly the same, except for the fact that your laptop or computer is simply much faster. It will boot up faster, and run faster.

Macbook Hard Drive SSD Upgrading: Since Apple provides many tools for migrating, and backing up data instead of cloning a Macbook;s hard drive to a new SSD, we can load a newer MacOS and migrate the data. If the Macbook has any problems with the operating system this should fix them, and our customer's even get a newer MacOs to be more future proof. It is usually easier for us to do this than actually cloning the hard drive to a new SSD. Everyone wins!

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