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iMacs For Sale: Seattle Laptop buys, sells, repairs, and refurbishes for re-use iMacs. We carry in stock a large inventory of refurbished Intel Core2 Duo, Dual Core, i5, and i7 iMacs. All iMacs are preloaded with MacOS from El Capitan to Mojave, and all iMacs are sold with warranties. Many of our iMacs for sale have been upgraded with SSD solid state hard drives too!

Find Your New iMac: If you are looking for a used iMac for a fair price call Seattle Laptop or stop by and view our selection. All used and refurbished iMac Computers are sold with a 30 day warranty and a 14 day exchange policy. If you purchase an iMac from Seattle Laptop and it doesn't suit your needs, you can return it for store credit towards another Mac for 14 days. We want all customers who purchase iMacs from us to be satisfied with their purchase.

iMac Data Migration: Anyone purchasing a new iMac from Seattle Laptop can have the data migrated from any backup, including time machine for $30. If you have an iMac that does not work, we can for a fee remove the hard drive, and migrate it's data to your new iMac as long as the hard drive is good. If the hard drive has failed we have data recovery service too.

You can also read more about used iMacs on our other website Used iMac Seattle.

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