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Seattle Laptop Stocks Mac Pros: Seattle Laptop has in stock over 20 Mac Pro desktop computers for sale. From 2006 / 2007 Dual CPU Mac Pros to at this time Mid 2010 Mac Pros running High Sierra. With a new video card the Mid 2010 Mac Pro will run Mojave. Older Mac Pros are very popular becaus of their incredible power, and the fact that they are versitile, and upgradable. Some of our Mac Pros have a PCI-e SSD boot hard drive, and 4 storage hard drives. They even come with wireless. If you or your company is looking to purchase, upgrade, or service a Mac Pro Seattle Laptop should be your first stop. We always have in stock a large selection and variety of Mac Pros for sale.


Mac Pro Custom Configuration: Seattle Laptop can custom configure any Mac Pro you purchase with the version of MacOS that you require. Our company sells Macbooks, iMacs and Mac Pros constantly. Different customers need to run a wide variety of applications, and either need a newer operating system installed, or in many cases an older operating system. If you purchase any Macbook, iMac, or Mac Pro at Seattle Laptop we will at no additional charge reload a different MacOS. This is actually quite common. Most of the Macs, Macbooks, and iMacs we sell have High Sierra or Mojave installed, but these operating systems do not support older versions of many applications. See our Mac Pro repair information page for more information. Mac Pro Repair Information Page

Mac Pro Data Migration: If you purchase a Mac Pro from us we can migrate your data from a Macbook, or iMac a number of different ways. We can use Mac's Migration Assistant, Time Machine, iCloud, or simply back up and copy your data from a different Mac. Remember if you use Time Machine, and have a Time Machine backup, we can only restore a Time Machine backup to a machine running a MacOS the same or newer. A Time Machine backup created with High Sierra will not migrate to a Mac running Sierra, or El Capitan. Even if the MacOS is the same, such as High Sierra, the Mac your are migrating to may need to be updated to a newer version of High Sierra for the migration to be accomplished. See Apple's Mac Pro webpage: Mac Pro Page at

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