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Laptop Repair - Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop Hinge Repair : If the hinge on your laptop is broken, we can repair it. When a laptop has a broken "hinge" sometimes only the hinge (s) need to be replaced. In many cases the hinge is ok, but the screen back, or the bottom case is what is broken, or the screws have fallen out.

On some models replacing the hinge assembly is not too expensive, or difficult, even if the laptop needs a new hinge, or a new screen back. On other models the price is very high because of the amount of labor involved, and the price of the parts. In some cases to fix a "hinge" properly, the hinge, screen back, and front bezel needs to be replaced.

We can't really give estimates over the phone as to the cost of performing a laptop hinge repair, because we need to examine the laptop to determine what parts need replaced, and the amount of labor involved repairing the hinge assembly. Some models such as the MA3, and MA7 Gateway the bottom cases break, and the problem is what the hinge attaches to, not the hinge. In this case we can get a special bracket, and customize it to replace the weak bottom case.

If your laptop has a hinge that is broken bring it into Seattle Laptop so we can see what it will take to help you. We don't charge anything to examing your broken hinge, or laptop when you come in.