Laptop Chargers All Brands

Seattle Laptop tries to carry in stock all laptop ac adapters/laptop chargers for sale at all times. If your laptop is having problems and is not getting power from the adapter, and you think the problem is the laptop adapter, just bring in your laptop, and the charger, and we will check them at no charge.

In some cases the problem may be the power jack, and not the ac adapter. If this is the case, we can repair that problem too. We keep in stock most common laptop power jacks, power plugs, and we can fix your laptop fast if a power jack, power harness, or motherboard repair is what is needed.

Stop by Seattle Laptop during normal business hours to have your laptop adapter checked by the experts. While you are here, we will clan your fan too....

Used and New Laptops For Sale

Seattle's largest selection of used laptops. All sold with warranty, and lifetime tech support! New laptops too!


  • This place hooked me up! I was after a stupid little hard to find part (standoffs) for my computer and the owner was happy to help me strip down an old computer to find what I was after. He didn’t even charge me for it. Next time I need to something for my computer I'm stopping here!

  • Nice folks. I've been going there for ten years. They always seem to have the right part at a reasonable price. Today I came in with a small problem with my Acer, and they helped me replace a screw free of charge.

  • Been to Seattle Laptop several times over the years for new laptops and upgrades. I've always had great service and the big plus is that I can walk into the shop and meet the guys face to face.

  • Great experience doing business with them. They answered questions over the phone well, the price of repair was what was quoted, and there was prompt turnaround.

  • Great service. Technician said to expect the repairs to cost around $150 and be done by Wed or Thurs. It was done Thurs and cost $150. I got what they promised and more.

Refurbished Desktop Computers For Sale

Seattle Laptop carries in stock at all times a monstrous selection of refurbished desktop computers for sale. All of our refurbished desktops are sold with warranty, and each one comes with our famous lifetime tech support! We carry Intel Core2 Duo, Quad-Core, i5 and i7 Computers in stock, all loaded with Windows and ready for use, as well as AMD Dual, Quad, and 8 Core Desktops.