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For 21 years Seattle Laptop has specialized in MacBook Repair, and repair of most Apple products. We have serviced many thousand MacBooks, PowerBooks, and iMacs and we can fix your Mac too. All of our MacBook repairs are guaranteed, and complete customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Our prices for Apple, iMac and MacBook repair are very reasonable, and the expericnce of our Mac Repair Technicians is unmatched. From the repair of liquid damaged and shorted out logic boards, and keyboards, to cracked MacBook and MacBook Retina screens we can fix your machine. We also replace MacBook hard drives, fans, keyboards, and we can fix broken hinges and much much more. Our specialty is component level MacBook logicboard repair.

Seattle Laptop has the ability to clone your MacBook's hard drive to a SSD, solid state hard drive to increase performance, and we can also upgrade the size of your MacBooks current SSD hard drive to a larger one, so your can store more iTunes, videos, pictures, and everything else. In some cases we can remove your MacBook's optical drive, and replace it with a hard drive for increased storage.

One of the more common upgrades we are doing for our MacBook customers is installing a SSD boot hard drive in their MacBooks, and then putting a larger hard drive in the optical bay.

Stop by Seattle Laptop with your problem MacBook at any time for free consulting, and a free laptop check. No appointment is necessary. We are open 7 days a week.

If you plan on bringing in your MacBook for diagnostics, remember to bring in your charger.

Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle carries a large inventory of used MacBooks for sale. Please visit our website - Used MacBook Seattle - to see our current inventory.

All of our used MacBooks are sold with a warranty, and lifetime tech support.

Seattle Laptop / MacBook Repair Seattle is open 7 days a week, and we can perform emergency MacBook repair if you need your machine fixed fast. We carry most common repair parts in stock at all times, and if you need an immediate repair, we can usually help. From liquid damage, to keyboards and screens.

For more information about Seattle Laptop's MacBook repair service you can visit - MacBook Repair Seattle - We developed this website to provide our customers with up to date information about MacBooks, MacBook repair, and using their MacBooks. We have tips and tricks, instructions, and much more about using MacBooks. With the newer models coming out Seattle Laptop has decided to dedicate some time and energy supporting them, and helping the users of the newer MacBooks as they evolve. Check out some of the newer models. - New MacBook -

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