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In 1994, Seattle Laptop's founder Dan fell in love with tinkering with computers, especially laptops. He started buying, selling, and repairing desktop computers, laptops, and Powerbooks. His first computer was actually an Apple PowerBook 140. Dan then got a business license, and named the company Seattle Laptop, and began hiring employees. In 1999 Seattle Laptop incorporated, and kept growing, and growing, and is now recycling computers too. Now Seattle Laptop has serviced tens of thousands of customer's laptops, and desktops, and of course MacBooks, and iMacs.

Since day one the goal of Seattle Laptop was to actually serve it's customers as well as possible. We try to find ways to save customers money at every opportunity, and give them good advice, and recommend repairs that make sense. We also offerd low priced refurbished laptops, as well as high quality business class laptops for sale at affordable prices. All sold with warranties. This business strategy has worked well for our company for 20 years, and we look forward to serving anyone who may need help, or a great laptop or desktop.

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