Free Computer Recycling in Seattle - Laptop Recycling - MacBook Recycling


Free Computer Recycling in Seattle / E-Waste Recycling Too


Free Computer Recycling in Seattle by Seattle Laptop: Seattle Laptop recycles desktop computers, laptops and Macs / Macbooks for free. We attempt to repair for re-use all laptops and desktops left for recycling. We do all we can to reduce landfill waste, and other types of toxic e-waste from going to landfills by recycling computers, and laptops. We also recycle other types of electronic waste like cell phones, tablets, Chromebooks, Surface Laptops. We also recycle network devices, and cables.


Recycling Computers For Over 20 Years: Our company, Seattle Laptop Inc. been recycling computers and laptops for over 20 years, and we have recycled and refurbished for re-use thousands of machines, and put them, and / or their parts back into service. We recycle for re-use, and re-purposing. For every recycled computer we sell at Seattle Laptop we will make a small donation to, and have donated thousands over the past few years. Find the Cure.


Computer Recycling - Laptop Recycling - MacBook Recycling

Secure Data Wiping: All recycled computers and laptops left for recycling have their hard drives wiped securely, or destroyed. Our customers don't need to worry about their data when they recycle a computer at Seattle Laptop. At a customer's request we can provide a certificate of destruction. We attempt to re-use as many recycled hard drives as possible. We use dBan for secure wiping in most cases, and once wiped, the data is not recoverable. If a customer has special needs regarding their data, we can process the wiping immediately, and even begin wiping while they wait, if they want, or we simply destroy the hard drive. We have a mobile hard drive crusher to destroy hard drives in our store, or on-site when needed.


Computer / Laptop Recycling is Free: There is no charge for recycling laptops, Macbooks, Macs and desktop computers. If you are looking to recycle your computer in Seattle, or possibly recycle a laptop, bring it by our store at 76th and Aurora. We also offer corporate computer and e-waste recycling and removal service in Seattle. If your company has a quantity of computers, servers, or networking equipment that need recycled, or other types of e-waste you can call us at 206-784-4215 and schedule a pickup. We can provide a certificate of destruction of the data if you require one. We can also destroy the data in recycled computers and hard drives on-site when necessary.


Laptop Recycling - Computer Recycling - MacBook Recycling - Free Electronics Recycling

Macbook and Apple Recycling: Seattle Laptop services and repairs Macbooks. Our techs use all of the parts possible from recycled Macbooks for our repair service. We also use recycled parts for our refurbishing for re-use operations. We recycle iMacs, iPads, iPhones, Mac Pros, and older Macs such as Power Macs. We even recycle Powerbooks, and G3, and G4's. If you have older Macs you need to get rid of we can take care of them all, and wipe their data. Your old recycled Mac may find a second life somewhere. We are the leading Seattle Area's Macbook recycling company.


Backing Up Data On Recycled Computers: In many cases our customers have an old computer they would recycle, but it doesn't work, and they want to get their data. No problem. Even if a computer doesn't work, we can in almost every case remove the hard drive, and for a fee back up the data. Then the computer can then be recycled, and properly disposed of. In many cases our customers have a number of old computers, laptops and Macs they want to recycle and they need their data. No problem. - See Data Backup Service - Back up your data, and recycle your old comptuers and laptops at the same time.


Safe Computer Recycling: Computer Recycling in Seattle made easy! And safe!


Computer Recycling - Laptop Recycling - MacBook Recycling

Data Wiping Guarantee : Seattle Laptop guarantees to securely wipe all data from all computers, laptops, Macbooks, and iMacs recycled at Seattle Laptop. Yes we guarantee to wipe the data on your recycled computers and laptops. We can provide a certificate of destruction, or a successful wipe e-mail for all recycled computers, and laptops.


Corporate Recycling : Seattle Laptop performs corporate computer recycling. Please 206-784-4215 call for an appointment, and schedule a pickup. We will pick up most corporate surplus computers, laptops, servers, switches, cables and just about everyting else. Remember we can provide a certificate of destruction for all computer and laptop hard drives if necessary. We can even crush and destroy hard drives from recycled computers on site before we remove them.


Recycled Computer Audits: Our company also performs audits of recycled comptuers. We can record serial numbers, and basic information as to the manufacturer, model, and other information before we remove and recycle the equipment, such as computers, servers, networking equipment, or of course laptops. If your company needs to audit your E-Waste before you recycle it we can help.


Corporate Computer Recycling - Call For A Pickup

E-Waste Recycling: Many companies have electronics and E-Waste they no longer use or need. End of life equipment that needs to be recycled. Their problem is they would like to find a responsible way to recycle these items. Every company has e-waste. Small devices, electronics, networking equipment, server equipment etc. Seattle Laptop can help. Our company has recycled all types of e-waste over the years for corporate clients. We provide free pickup service in most cases too. We recycle more than just laptops and desktops! If your company would like to recycled computers, laptops, servers, or other types of E-Waste give Seattle Laptop a call at 206-784-4215. We can schedule a Pick-UP.


Medical Equipment Recycling: Seattle Laptop / Seattle Computer Recycling recycles used medical equipment of all types. From ultrasound machines to any size or shape of other medical devices. If your office has any items you need hauled off and recycled give us a call. We recycle all types of medical equipment in the Puget Sound Region.


POS Recycling - Point of Sale System Recycling: We offer recycling and disposal of POS Systems. POS terminals, printers, cash drawers, and cash registers. See our - POS Recycling Page - here. We also offer on-site POS system removal services. We can remove and recycle your old Point of Sale System, or systems, and haul them away. We recycle POS Systems and refurbish them for re-use. Many of our recycled POS terminals, and other items can be re-deployed.



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