Used Computers For Sale

Inventory Changes : Seattle Laptop's used computer inventory changes often! If you need a specific desktop computer call us.

Used Computers For Sale : At this time Seattle Laptop has in stock over 200 used computers for sale. For many of these models we have 10 to 50 pieces to sell. If your organization needs two, three, or twenty five identical or similar used desktops let us know, and we can get them ready for you. All of our used computers have a warranty, and are sold with legitimate software. Seattle Laptop is a "Registered Microsoft Refurbisher" and we are able to load legitimate copies on Windows 10 Home Premium on our used computers, and provide an operating system cd and license to a buyer. Many of our used computers contain a recovery partition and they may be loaded with Windows 7 Home, or Windows 7 Pro.

Used Computers For Sale

Stop By : Please stop by our store at the corner of 76th Street and Aurora Ave North (a couple blocks North of Greenlake) to view our selection of used computers, or call the store for information about our used computers, our laptop specials, and our used laptop sale. We sell as many used desktops as we do laptops.

Scroll down to view some of the many used computers we have in stock. We try to list on this page computers that we may have many of so one will be available for sale if a customer comes in. If you need a specific desktop computer, and it is listed here, you may want to call for availability. We sell a lot of used computers, and if you need a specific one, we can set it aside until you can come by.

Gaming Desktops For Sale : Seattle Laptop assembles and sells high end gaming desktop computers. We carry top of the line video cards, and can either upgrade your gaming desktop, build you one, or customize one we have in stock. We offer gaming desktop repair too.

Used MacBooks For Sale / Images Specs and Prices

Call Seattle Laptop at 206-784-4215 with any questions you may have about our used laptop, used MacBook, or used computer inventory. We have many more desktops in stock than the ones that are shown here, and we are more than happy to discuss our current inventory if you would like to call. We can also customize any of our used laptops, MacBooks, or desktops for you, or your organization's needs.