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(Q) Hi, I see that you are able to fix keyboards for laptops. I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 that has had 2 keys pop off. The plastic connector piece on one seems fine but the other is broken, the key itself is fine for both. Can you give an estimate as to the cost for repair and the time frame? I am also fine with having you use the plastic connector from a key I never use to replace the broken one.

(A) Thanks for contacting us *****. We repair broken keys on keyboards all the time, and we almost always have the plastic parts in stock. We charge a flat fee of $30 or less for replacing, or repairing keys, and we do the repair while you wait. Please do not try to put the keys on yourself, because you may damage the metal part of keyboard.

(Q) Why should I let Seattle Laptop try to repair my laptop? Other stores also claim to do laptop repairs.

(A) Seattle Laptop has been buying, selling, and repairing laptops since early 1996. It is unlikely that any company in Seattle, or possibly the United States has repaired as many laptop system boards as Seattle Laptop, or even attempted the types of board level repairs we specalize in. We carry in stock a huge inventory of laptop repair parts, screens, keyboards, memory, hard drives etc. We are also able to find parts for, and repair less common brands of laptops. Our repair policies are straight forward, and a customer does not have to leave a deposit when they leave their laptop with us for service! We have many times repaired laptops that other stores have damaged while working on them, or told our customers that their laptops were not repairable. Just because some other business, or factory service outlet can not fix your laptop does not mean our pros can't! We have an enormous quantity of replacement parts, power boards, video cables, screens, etc in stock. Having the parts here to be used in testing makes it a lot easier to quickly and accurately diagnose what would be simple problems for us, but not for other companies. Seattle Laptop also takes pride in our record of success over the years. We have many happy, satisfied customers, and hope to have many more....

(Q) The letter "G" on my IBM T40 has a small piece broke off and won't stay on. It's the white plastic under the key. How much would it cost for a replacement? Thanks!

(A) In many cases we can use parts from a bad keyboard to fix yours. It depends on whether we have a bad keyboard in stock that is the same as your model. The odds that we have a parts keyboard for a T Series laptop are pretty good. The normal charge for fixing a broken key on a laptop's keyboard is $30, or less.

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