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Macbook Repair in Seattle

Apple Repair For 25 Years: Our technicians have been servicing Apple laptops since the 1990’s. From Powerbooks on. Seattle Laptop’s first laptop was a Powerbook 140. For generations we have been repairing and servicing Macbooks, and other Apple laptops and computers.

Macbook Pro Retina And Air Screen Repair

Macbook Screen Repair: Seattle Laptop repairs and replaces broken Macbook screens. We service Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Macbook Retina machines. We have many Macbook screens in stock, and can fix a broken Macbook’s screen fast.

Fast Battery Repair For All Macbooks

Macbook Battery Repair: We keep in stock batteries for all Macbook models. Many of our customers need their laptop or Macbook every day. For personal use, or business people can not go without their Macbook for long. This we understand. In order to better serve our customers we carry all batteries for current Macbook models. We can in most cases, with our “Express Service” we can in most cases replace a bad Macbook battery in 24 hours or less.

MacOs Install: If your Macbook needs the operating system installed we can help. We can install pretty much any MacOs required. We can install everything from El Capitan to Ventura. We may also be able to install an older MacOs if necessary for a special problem.

Macbook Data Backup: Seattle Laptop specializes in data backup from Macbooks, iMacs, and other Macs including the Mac Pro. If you need your data backed up, call us, or bring in your machine during normal business hours. No appointment needed.


Macbook Repair

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